The Tailored Suit

Why would one need a tailored suit?

bespoke suits oxford also known as tailored suits are custom made clothing items based on an individual's exact measurements. These suits fit perfectly and enhance the stature and look of the person wearing them. The suit is also unique and therefore prevents uniformity with other guests in an event. A tailored suit is therefore ideal for a perfect fit.

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Events that require sharp dressing

Different occasions call for different dressing styles. However, this does not mean that you cannot look sharp during all occasions. Weddings, award ceremonies, high profile parties, luncheons, dates, business meetings and business parties are some of the events where sharp dressing is required. Sharp dressing for men often means a tailored suit or even a tuxedo. Women can also have tailored clothing that may include dresses and trouser or skirt suits for different occasions.

Benefits of bespoke suits

As mentioned earlier, these suits fit perfectly which ensures that they drape well over the body. Being custom made, the suits are made from high quality materials. In addition to this, the client selects the material of their choice from a range of high quality materials unlike off the shelf suits that are made from cheaply sourced materials.

The high quality materials used in making bespoke suits ensure that the suit lasts longer compared to off the shelf suits. This coupled with the careful stitching -- mostly performed by hand- ensures that the suit is made to last long. Therefore, a single suit can serve you for over a decade if well maintained and as long as you do not add or lose too much weight.

Tailored suits allow you to select a suitable style, one that you feel portrays who you are. With ready- made suits, you can only work with what is available in the market at that specific time. Besides, there is the risk that someone else will be wearing the exact suit making it awkward.

Looking for a suit that fits perfectly can be a tedious affair. However, with a tailored suit, you only need to identify a good bespoke tailor and wait for them to do their part. Although you will be required to have at least two fittings, you are assured that you will utilise less time than looking for a ready-made suit.

Are bespoke tailored suits expensive?

Bespoke suits are perceived to be expensive. However, compared to the length of time they will serve you and the quality of the materials used, the investment is worth it. In most cases, the price range of a bespoke suit is just slightly above that of an off the shelf suit making them just slightly more expensive.

So should you invest in a couple of tailored suits? Irrespective of your gender, you need to invest in a few bespoke suits in different styles and colours ensures that you are covered for all events that will come your way. You could have formal tailored wear, business casual tailored suits and any other type that fits in with your style and the events that you attend regularly.